MS Ride 2011

I am doing it again.  I thank you all for your support from last year.  I know the economy has been bad, but any amount is OK.  There is nothing too small.  I raised $1200.00 last year and it was because of you.  All the donations added up.  The ride was brutal, but I kept going because I knew that it was for a good cause, and I love my best friend, Erika, and would do anything to help her.
She has had some challenges this year.  I have been to the doctors with her when she has had some more major x-rays done.  I have watched some of her physical ability fail.  I have seen her tired.  She is doing the ride again with me and a group of very dear friends and family.  I am so proud of her and I am very frotunate to have her in my life.
I made my goal $500 this year, but I hope to make it to $1000.
If you are unable to, I totally understand.  Just keep her in your thoughts that a cure will be found.  Thank you again for everything.  This is something very personal and close to my heart.  Any help would mean a lot to me and I would be forever grateful.


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