MS Charity Ride and Erika

Hi Everyone,

It just seems like the time goes by so fast and I just don’t blog that much.  I thought today was a good day for a blog.  I did a lot of thinking on my drive home from Los Angeles.

I was there mainly to see my best friend, Erika.  She is my friend who was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago.  You will remember that I did the ride for her last Sept and I am doing it again.  The hills are very difficult on the first day and the second day is not as bad, but still a good ride.  Even with that knowledge, and honestly not wanting to go through that painful ride again, I had to push that thought aside and think about Erika.  When she asked if I would do the ride, I could not say, “No.”

The pain I feel from the ride is nothing compared to what she is going through.  This visit was really tough.  She is now walking with a cane and I took her in for a brain scan…one of many that she has had to go through.  On my last visit, I took her in for a brain scan and a spinal scan.  She now has a handicap sign for her car.  It was really tough to see that.  It was really tough to see how tired she is.  It was tough to see her have to take a seat a lot more.  It was even tougher to witness her fall down.

I wanted to cry a couple of times but I saved the tears for my ride home.  I don’t want her to see this.  I want to stay upbeat and positive.  We did P90X and she sat on a chair but at least we got her moving.  I guess that is the key is to remain as active as possible.  She wants to do the charity ride but she is not sure that she will be able to do it.  I told her if she does, I will ride with her and we will have a car pick us up to take us up the harder hills.  I plan on staying by her side the whole time.

She is one of the warmest, caring people I know.  I love Erika like she is my sister.  There is nothing I would not do for her.  I never ask for money from anyone, but I am going to just ask if people could please donate to this cause.  Who knows…maybe that extra dollar leads to a cure for the disease.  It all adds up.  $10 is nothing to donate.

I understand that the economy is bad, and I am taking a whole week off from working (I work freelance so every day counts) just so I can go to San Francisco and do this ride.  I don’t need any gifts.  The best gift would be a donation to this charity.  It is easy to do.  Click on this link below.  Click on the button donate to Tomiko.  It will lead you through the pages to donate.  It’s very simple. You can also look at the side bar on the side where it say MS CHARITY RIDE 2011 and press that button to get to the link.  Your thoughtfulness will be so appreciated.

I don’t know what else to do to help her.

Thank you for listening and thanks for being fans.



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