Acting Resume

Acting Reel

- Lead (Katherine) - Scott W. Perry (Slick Devil Entertainment)
"Acid Bath"
- Lead (Friend) - Annette Martinez/Lou Garcia (Warped Reality Pictures)
""Massacre on Rocky Ridge" -
Lead (Councelor Ann Thompson) - Hank Samuel (Rainforest Studios)
"Raven Beauty Murders" -
Lead (Laura) - Jack Foster (Independent Film)
"Riding Shotgun" -
Supporting (Officer Nora Stevens) - J.M. Finholt (USC Grad Film)
"Westward Ho's"
- Lead (Rimfire) - Hank Samuel (Rainforest Studios)
"Vroom" - Lead (News Reporter) - Byron Shaw (Independent Short Film)
"The One On The Shadow Side" - Supporting (Mom/Stepmom) - Eriko Ueno (USC)
"Trial and Error" - Supporting (Observer) - Nick Lovell (USC)
"Momma's Boy" - Supporting (Porche Lynn) - Bill Rigopoulos (Aegean Pictures, Inc.)
"A Right To Die"
- Supporting (Nurse) - Alexander Helmi (USC)
"View From The Top" - Day Player Contract (Showgirl #1) - Bruno Baretto (High Flying Films)

"Girls Gone Wired" -
Model Spotlight - Tech TV (Cable)
"Behind the Lens"
Model (Interview with Collin Rae) - Canadian TV (Ian Beube)
"Family Business"
Lead (Applicant) - Showtime (Arnold Shapiro)
"B "Bank Robber" -
Lead (Murdered Bankteller) - Dark Fantasies Inc. (Shelby Burns)
"Lemonade on a Warm Day"
- Lead (Younger Woman) - Showtime (Lionel Coleman)
"Kate Brasher" -
Supporting (Spousal Abused Wife) - 20th Century Fox
Supporting (News Reporter) - Todd Roy Productions
"The Enforcer" -
Supporting (Murdered Psychiastrist) - Sci Fi Channel (James Marlowe)
" "Locations of the Future"-
Cameo (3-D Body Model) - Austria Medical Channel
"Nash Bridges" - Featured (Undercover FBI )- CBS-TV

Music Videos
Blink 182 -
"Man Overboard" - Blink 182 Productions
MC Hammer -
"Reunion Tour" - Fuji Films
Blink 182 -
"Man Overboard" - Blink 182 Productions
Industrial Videos
"Catheter Placement" (Instructional) -
Lead (Nurse) - Medcom, Inc.
"Vital Signs/Temperatures" (Instructional)-
Lead (Nurse) - Medcon, Inc.
"Extended Care" (Instructional)
Lead (Nurse) - Medcom, Inc.
"Information Outfitters" (Brio) -
Supporting (Executive) - Critical Mass Multimedia
"NHN News" (Partnering) -
Supporting (Executive) - Ninth House Network
"Healthscape" -
Cameo (Stressed Business Mom) - Marlowe-Pugnetti Company


List Available Upon Request

Live Theatrical Events
Best Buy - Lead (Best Buy Tag) - Best Buy Promotion Company
Aciphex - Lead (Prilosec Rep.) - Carnes Communications
Prefest Launch - Lead (Physician) - Ortho McNeal
Novartis Project - Lead (Physician) - Health Answers

Pro-Wrestling -
AWF - Ric Drasin
Military-Style Fitness -
Optimum Fit Bootcamp - Raphael J. Verela
Technique Breakdown -
Larry Moss Studios/Santa Monica - Michelle Danner
Advanced Acting -
Actor's Edge/Hollywood - Christina Ferra-Gilmore
Advanced Acting and Performance -
Stage One/San Jose
- Dennis Sakamoto
Casting and Scene Study
- Stage One/San Jose - Dennis Sakamoto
Commercial Auditions -
Workshop/San Francisco - Joe Mutow
Advanced Improv -
Workshop/San Francisco - Elliott Kramer

Special Skills
Teacher (BS Degree in Elementary Education @ UNR, substitute teacher K-12, music teacher K-6), cocktail waitress (lounge, bar, and casino), musical instruments (piano, saxophone, clarinet), personal trainer (weightlifting/cardiovascular), modeling (print, hair, eye, promotional, tradeshows, artistic/figure), bartender, skiing (snow/water), mountain biking, aerobics, billiards, karate (Shotokan), hiking, fishing, cpr certified, cooking, character telegrams, and exotic dancer (bikini, topless, showgirl), pro-wrestling, military-style fitness.

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