Hi, So you want to know more about who I am?

Well, I am originally from Las Vegas (born and raised if you can believe that!), and I just moved back to Las Vegas. I must be crazy coming back to all the Summer heat! My nationality is half Japanese and half German, and I was named after my grandmother on my mom's side. I always get asked what my name means (happiness, beauty, and child-like), and I do my best to try and honor the name. I got the child-like down!
I have always loved the great outdoors, and LA has satistfied my appetite (waaaaa..I miss LA) with so many options to choose from
(not too far from skiing,
plenty of places to hike,
and the beaches are everywhere!!!!) I have yet to get to explore all of it. Los Angeles is HUGE!
I have been modeling since I was 30 years old and am loving every minute of it!

(I have always been a ham since I was a kid).

One of the things that tickles
my funny bone about modeling
is being in front of the camera, and well, as you as you see here, being tickled for real in front of the camera!

Yet, I must admit that the opportunity to travel to all sorts of cool places and meeting all kinds of interesting people, and I am talkin' INTERESTING, adds to the whole modeling experience!
My favorite thing about print work is getting the chance to be creative, not to mention seeing the outcome of the efforts between model and photographer. It has taken such a long time of soul searching to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Now that I found it, my only regret is wishing I would have started it sooner (But hey! Better late than never!).

I realize that the clock is ticking, and I want to make the best of the years I have left in all categories that I cover in modeling. I exercise a lot (Fitness Bootcamp on the beach [after 2 years of taking the class, they made me one of the instructors!!], rollerblading, running on the sand, stair climbing, dodging bullets, leaping out of the way from oncoming traffic, and whatever other physical challenges that jump out at me),

and I eat a fairly good diet and treat myself to a facial once a month. Where did that ice cream come from?? Did I mention I LOVE chocolate chip mint???
I also take time to live a little and enjoy life.
(This has to be a fantasy...I never take time! Who is that girl in the pool? Is that really me taking some time off??? ;))
Yet, you may wonder, "What happens when you get too old?"
Nonsense, no such thing! There is a market out there for all kinds of age groups. If I have to do "Ensure" ads, then so be it! I am here for the long haul. That is the beauty of the business: There is something for everyone of all ages and all types. You just have to go out there and find it, grab it, and don't let go!!

In addition to modeling,
I also enjoy acting.
In a way, the two careers intertwine together.

I have been very fortunate to have had some great opportunities come my way in the past years.
Acting, I realize, is a long and hard journey, but I plan on enjoying the adventure every step of the way (good and bad).

I also realize that with acting and especially modeling, that there are a lot of bucks spent on wardrobe. If you want to help out a starving actress/model (violin music playing), you can check out one of the places I like to shop, and surprise me with an outfit. As a payback, I will shoot in it and send you a complimentary 8 X 10 print of it just for you! ;)

I hope this doesn't look tacky. People are always writing me and asking me what I like, so I have provided this info. No pressure. :)

Victoria Secrets (Not so keen on lingerie, but I like the clothes. You guessed I am a tomboy.)
Superheroine and Villain Costumes
Camping Stuff
Wine (LOL Gotcha. This obviously has nothing to do with clothes, but I LOVE wine. :))
B&H Photo (Yes, this is all about the gadgets and camera equipment)
*If it isn't clothes, I will still pose with it. LOL

With the drive and determination that possesses my soul and other areas, I have no doubts that the opportunities will continue to be there, and they will only get better. I am living my dream, and I have no intentions of ever giving up, so don't try talking smack to me....
or I will let you have it! :)
Besides modeling, acting, and exercising, I also get a kick out of working on my website.

I have come a long way in the computer age (from playing pong to designing my website and continuing to learn more as I go).
I am a highly independent woman, and there is nothing like the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it on my own.
I love to get email, so feel free to email me with any questions you might have or just to say, "Hi."
For Questions and Answers from inquiring minds, please click here!

Please check back from time to time. I have some really fun things that I will be adding to this page for your viewing pleasure! I will also be adding more answers to questions in this "Fun Stuff To Know Q & A" section as I get more questions emailed to me. Have a fantastic day and please come back soon!



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