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Q: I was reading an article in Cosmo recently and it claimed that a lot of models smoked cigarettes. I was wondering if you had any vices?

A: Actually, I like to drink wine and vodka based drinks once in awhile. Not together, of course, but I guess you can call that a vice. :)
Hey, how did this get here..I was..errr..just trying to hang with the fellas....yeah, that's it...

Q: What do you like to do when you are not working?

A: I like to live a little, but when am I not working? lol

Q: Where do you buy your clothes for shoots?

A: Here is some of the places:
Victoria Secrets
Thrift Stores

Q: Do you have to workout to maintain your figure? Are there certain foods you have to stay away from?

A: Yes, I absolutely have to workout like crazy because I love to eat.

I do this workout in Venice Beach called, "Optimum fitness Bootcamp" and it is out there in the sand rain or shine! I also keep fairly active, but I owe my ability to eat whatever I want to Bootcamp! Bootcamp Rocks!
Now that I live in Las Vegas, I have to go to the gym. 24 hour fitness has some decent classes. I have been trying out the spin class, yoga class, running on the treadmill, stair climber, and doing some weight training.

Q: What does your abdominal routine consist of?

A: They really work you on the ab routine. It consists of a variety of things. Warm up includes leg spreaders or crunches. During the obstacle course, there is a point where you do 2 different ab exercises (using the ball, or in the sand..they really mix it up (leg raises, ball crunches, crunches, leg spreaders, alt. oblique crunches, sit ups, reverse crunch, crunches with weights, crunches with bands, and the list goes on..phew!) There is also another time after the kickboxing where they have you crank out as much as you can during a 30 second time period and then add other ab exercises and do the same! I think that is one of my favorite parts actually. Love working abs.

Q: Do you really enjoy the bootcamp deal??

Yes!!! By all means. I love being competitive and being challenged. The class has some really fit people and the course is brutal. They are always changing it and as you get more advanced, the instructors give you more things to do.

Q: Have you ever done any plyometrics?

A: Can you repeat the question? What is that? Does it hurt?? :) Oh!! Jumping on and off the box! I do that in my bootcamp workout. Thanks for clairfying that one for me!

DQ: Do you have a hobby or collect anything?

A: Why yes I do....I love teddy bears! I have been collecting them for a long time and used to have 700 bears. Due to a lot of moving around, I ended up giving them up to a good home "Toys-4-Tots". Currently, I am surely but steadily collecting them again. I have about 200 right now! :)


Q: How have you done injury wise in the ProWrestling gig?

A: I pulled a shoulder out, and that was a real bummer. It made it tough to do everyday things, but I think the straw that broke the camels back for me and made me decide to retire from that training was when I was jumping over a wrestler and instead of landing on my back, I landed on my neck. It moved my neck over and still is not the same. I have problem looking over my right shoulder. I trained for pro-wrestling mainly to learn some stunt work for my acting career. It was fun and I don't regret it. You can actually see it on the acting reel on my acting section. Some people are unable to view it...not compatible with all servers/computers, but the ones that did see it, like it. :)

Q: When is your birthday and what is your sign?

A: January 25 and I am very much Aquarius!
Q: I noticed that your site has some leopard print incorporated into the design. Do you have a thing for animal print, or is it just symbolizing that you have a wild side?

A: Whatever do you mean? :) Actually, I have always loved animal print and if you saw my house, it would be even more apparent! You might say that it compliments my wild side....growl!

Q: What level did you get up to with the Shotokan?

A: I made it to my green belt. I took classes when I was 17. Orignally I was taking the class with my little brother since I had to drive him there, anyway. He was getting his butt kicked, so my mom wanted him to learn self-defense and a gain higher self-esteem. He hated the class, I loved it. He quit, but I didn't. My dad did not like the idea of me going there unsupervised so he made me quit. Perhaps, he was afraid I would kick his (bleep). I have also tried some training in Wing Chun Kung Fu. That is a good workout!

Q:Have you ever gotten into kayaking?

A: I went once a long time ago in Catalina Island. It was fun, but I don't get much time for vacations these days. I work a lot! What I really love is River Rafting on level 3's and 4's! Woohoo!

Q: I checked out your resume...WOW! How diversified! How did you ever get to do all those things? (Pro Wrestler to Teacher) Do you still teach?
This was one of my teacher's clothes converted to modeling clothes!
A: I grew up with parents that both lived their life fully. I was encouraged by my mom to go out there and do as many things as I can. If you want to do something, do it. Why wait? What if that opportunity doesn't come again? Then you go through life with regrets. I like living my life that way.
Since I started modeling and acting, I have retired from teaching. Loved the kids, hated the politics.

Q: What is your ethnic background? Where did Tomiko come from?

A: I am half Japanese and half German. I was born and raised in Las Vegas! Ain't that a trip?!
I was named after my grandmother (Japanese). The name means "happiness, beauty, and child-like". They say that to honor your name, you must strive to be the living meaning of it. I am proud to have the name. It was worth all the teasing in grade school from the kids. :)

Q: What attracts you to someone?

A: I like smart men with a good heart, great personality, and good sense of humor!

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: I have three cats, and they are spoi
led rotten!
Scruffy and Junior
*Scruffy is also a model! (rates negotiable)

Scruffy and Squeaky

Scruffy's Portfolio

Stats: 5AAA-6-10

Q: I am having problems accessing some sections of your site. What server are you on?

A: I apologize for this. I am on Internet Explorer and from what I understand, it is not friendly with some browsers. I think netscape might be one of the ones that it doesn't like. Compuserve may work though. If you have any problems, let me know. I'll try to send you the direct link. If that still doesn't work, I am going to have to go to my webhost for help in making it user friendly with all browsers. I am afraid that this is where my limitations begin with web design.

uQ: I ram sure you get this all the time, but is Tomiko your model name or your real name? What do you prefer to be called?

A: Tomiko is my real name. I was named after my Japanese grandmother, and although it was a nightmare having that name as a little kid in elementary school (being called tomato all the time :) ), I am really happy and proud to have the name now that I am older. My friends like to call me Tomi (Tommy). Please feel free to do the same.
prefered to be called? to be called?

When I'm not working on my career, I like to enjoy the finer things in life like my favorite ice cream (chocolate chip mint).

My favorite color is purple. It has has been my favorite since I was a little girl.

I have also acquired a keen attraction to animal print. In fact it has gotten way out of hand.

I love challenge and competition. Bring it on!! :)

My birthday is Jan. 25th and my sign is Aquarius.

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