My Mission

To go where no other model has gone's a bird, it's a plane,'s just Tomiko being weird again. :) I wish to shoot in every state of the USA. There are photographers everywhere, and every state has a flavor or a tone to it that you just can't fake. I think that is what makes modeling fun (meeting people and traveling to places I may have never thought to go). The colored-in states indicate that I have already planted myself there for a shoot. As you can see, I still have a lot of states to go. If you are a photographer, or even a group of photographers in a state where I have not ventured, by all means, have a fundraiser drive to get me over there, or just wait...I will make it to your area eventually (even if I have a backpack on and my thumb out). :) If you are curious to know which photographers I worked with click here.
For a list of make-up artists I have worked with click here.
Curious about what I am doing or where I am? You can click here for my calendar. :)

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