Make-up Artists
Northern California
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Photo by Gary Weinheimer

Location: San Francisco
Sonja Azizov came to the rescue after a make-up artist that was scheduled to be there for the Chinatown shoot flaked. Gary, the photographer, made phone calls for 2 1/2 hours and Sonja was one of the names that was recommended. She came over last minute, and she did the make-up in my room. She not only had a great imagination for make-up, but she did a wonderful job with my hair. She even offered to come out and do touch-ups during the shoot even though when we called her, she was at work! Her boss was very nice to let her go. I give her two thumbs up, and you will too when you hire her!

Photo by Gary Weinheimer
Taken @ Latex Shoot in SF

(Photo by AJ Grossman)
Location: San Jose, CA
Amy Lawson did an amazing job with bringing out the eyes. Although she was hired to do make-up for fineart work with Ralph, she was able to give a more glamour style to the look rather than the classic "all natural" look that is so common in that style photography. This make-up tended to bring out a lot more mystery in the look as well as a more sexy sassy kind of appeal. Since I was scheduled for another shoot that day, I was able to capture her make-up in a different set-up. Ralph's work was done in studio, while AJ's work was done outdoors in a park setting using natural light. You can see by the two photographs that her make-up was great for both settings and added so much personality to both shoots. I think that her website is still in the process of being instructed, so if you are interested in working with her, please drop me an email and I will have her get in touch with you.

(Photo by Ralph Barker)

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