Make-up Artists
New York

IImage by Bob Cooley

Location: New York, New York
John Henry
is absolutely amazing in hair and make-up, but his talents don't stop there. The man has a sense of style, and helps out tremendously during a shoot. He was a total joy to be around and so helpful. I can't wait to get a chance to work with him again. He can transform a person into something else, and it is amazing to watch the process. I wish he had a site up now, but there is an online portfolio being set up right now for him, and when it goes live, I will be sure to post the link. If you are in need of a make-up artist, Tony is the man. I have to warn you though...this guy is very much in demand, so you may have a hard time booking him. If you fail the first time, try, try again. :)

Image by Bob Cooley
Location: New York, New York
Kavita Wallace
went the extra mile for this shoot. She transformed me into a futuristic person and gave me some serious cornrolls/ like that, but man, what a look. She is another New York make-up artist I really enjoyed working with. Not only was she easy-going, but she was very helpful on location. She is a definite team player which is so important in the industry, and I was happy to have her there for this shoot. She really made the look, and I don't think the shot would have been as good had I tried to do my own make-up. If you are looking for someone to hire, she is also a good one to work with. Her reputation is starting to spread, so like John Henry, you better make sure you hire her right away. :)

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