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Southern California
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((Photo by Christine Kessler)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Tony Cupstid
is a make-up artist that is the king of creativity! Give him the location and what kind of outfit and let the man run with an idea! He not only does this amazing make-up job, but he does some really cool stuff with hair. He is a very modest person that does not advertise his services. If you are in need of something a little different and not sure how to go about your vision, go to Tony and let him take care of you. I promise that you will not be disappointed. He is the regular make-up person that works with Christine Kessler, and I can see why she gets him for her shoots. He works out of his apartment, so you will need to go to him, but I am telling you that he is worth the trip. Because Tony is so great, you better book him in advance. He books fast!

Photo by Ian Branson
Location: Orange County
Mee Hee Yang is a very sweet and fun girl to work with. One thing that was really nice about her is that she was already set up and ready to go by the time I got there, and I was early! She also had the freedom to be creative with her make-up and it was cool to see such a different look. She is available to travel to Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. Have make-up, will travel. At this time, she does not have a website, but the link will take you to her email. You will enjoy working with her and you can count on her being there!

Photo by Ian Branson
Photo by Tracy Zabriskie

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